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We moved to the next level. And so has the industry.

The Shifting Eye
  • TSE was born from the industrial engineering sector, with an eye on the future.
  • We developed our brand DNA in order to expand in the market.
  • We are preparing for tomorrow with our new brand, The Shifting Eye.

The origin of TSE is not that of a company born to sell technological solutions to industry engineers, but on the contrary: we are industry engineers who find technological solutions that we market under the name TSE.

Being born in the industrial engineering sector (automotive) has conditioned that we have a 100% practical and decisive character whatever the project is: electrification, software development or training. We have always had our sights set on the next step, on the future. In a short time we have multiplied our workforce, we are present in 11 countries and have launched more than 10 vehicles alongside Ford, Stellantis and other industry giants. We have grown, but our brand has not.

We are opening up to new industries, our service portfolio is expanding and we have developed several products with our DNA; products that efficiently solve traditional industry problems in an avant-garde way.

Our focus is on bringing innovation to all industries to transform them. We want to partner with other visionaries who share our values:

  • We do it because it’s in our DNA. We have a passion for our work and new ideas.
  • We make it work or we don’t. We are not for bullshit and fireworks.
  • We do it the way it has to be. It doesn’t matter if it’s more complicated or involves more effort. And always with common sense.
  • We do it together. A specialist team that is well meshed with the industry.

With the change to The Shifting Eye, we are making clear our intentions and those of some of the solutions we are presenting: XION and Meta LiFe.

We are ready for tomorrow.



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