We are the next level,
We are The Shifting Eye

We are a global technological company that partners with key leaders and aspiring players in the growing R&D sectors. Our success is rooted in breaking conventions through collaboration, knowledge, and technical advancement for a changing world that make a sustainable and socially responsable impact. 

We believe in technology, specialization and collaborative thinking as key factors to solve traditional industry problems in a more efficient way

It's in our DNA

We are focused on efficiently solving problems and doing so ahead of others. We learn every day to help other companies to achieve their goals.


Knowledge, ingenuity, technical rigor

We make it work or we don’t do it at all. And always with common sense. It doesn’t matter if it’s more complicated or requires more effort.


Together is much better

We are a specialized and well-integrated team with the industry.


We are a Spanish company with a global vision 

Careers and opportunities

Working at The Shifting Eye means having an attitude, character, and determination that are special 

We are seeking individuals who embrace challenges and are dedicated to making a positive impact in addressing society’s most urgent issues. Being part of The Shifting Eye means being creative, believing in the limitless capacity for change that technology possesses, and having a mindset that is 100% open to change.

Electrical Launch Support Engineer

Onsite: Valencia, Spain

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