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Point cloud 

Map and replicate digitally all types of spaces with millimeter precision to enhance processes and streamline data collection

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Point cloud is an innovative service to enhance the challenges posed by user experience.

A point cloud is the result of laser scanning. Composed of millions of points with three-dimensional coordinates, they accurately create a digital duplicate of the scanned object or space, with millimeter precision, with or without color depending on the scanner or technique used 

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Why is a system like Point Cloud so useful for transforming your business?

Save time in data collection and modeling costs. Minimize measurement errors. Visualize three-dimensional spaces remotely, facilitating comparison and management of current spaces and project interventions.

It is effective

It provides precise measurements for any necessary changes in the factory and allows for anticipating changes based on a real virtual outcome

It is practical

It helps conduct visits without actually entering the facility, limiting risk, and offering this service remotely so that anyone can experience it

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