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Last week we had the opportunity to attend the Advanced Factories fair in Barcelona. One of the leading events in Europe where the main references in industrial technology presented the latest innovations in robotics, artificial intelligence, Internet of things and much more.

Companies of all sizes and industry professionals gathered to share ideas and discuss the roadmap to improve efficiency, productivity and quality in manufacturing by making appropriate use of technology.

One of the main topics discussed at the fair was 3D printing, in the manufacture of products, allowing the development of customized and complex parts in a faster and more affordable way. In addition, solutions for process automation and collaborative robotics were presented, allowing companies to be more competitive and efficient in a global market that is increasingly demanding.

For our part, we had the opportunity to talk with numerous industry colleagues about XION: Our new metaverse technology. During the discussions, we commented on the capabilities offered by a total immersion experience and what it can represent for virtual learning, development, team and company efficiency in a wide variety of sectors (such as the projects we are already leading in automotive, tourism, aeronautics…).

Attending Advanced Factories 2023 was an unforgettable experience, a unique opportunity and a key meeting point for innovation professionals in industry worldwide.

The show demonstrated that Industry 4.0 is constantly evolving, that the innovation ecosystem is more alive than ever and that there are a multitude of opportunities to improve the competitiveness of all types of companies, regardless of sector or their state of technological maturity.

See you at Advanced Factories 2024!

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